We are Phalaenopsis Nurseries, a commercial Phalaenopsis stem growing business based in Tauranga New Zealand.

Our main business is growing stems for export and local market. About 4 ½ years ago we were approached by Alan Ford from Fernwood fibre, who asked us to do some trials with his product. More about these trials are to be found on this website.

We since have converted our entire operation into growing all our plants in Fernwood fibre and the results are outstanding.

We normally sell our stems graded as A or B grade. A grade being 7 blooms and up and B grade with 5 or 6 blooms.

When we were still growing in bark, we would normally have about 70% A grade and 30% B grade. Since we are growing in Fernwood fibre, we have 98% A grade and just 2% B grade. Both of outstanding quality. A grades are sold for a premium, which means more income.

The blooms are bigger, healthier and most important longer lasting, which is a huge benefit for our operation.

Phalaenopsis NurseriesBeing a commercial grower, means we are always aiming to increase production. When we were still growing in bark our plants would flower from the end of winter till the end of spring.

Once the flower stem was cut off about 50% of the plants would produce a new flower spike. Now that we are growing in Fernwood fibre, ALL the plants are producing a new flower spike. So instead of 50% reflower in bark we have a 100% reflower in Fernwood fibre. All these stems are A grade as well.

In bark, the quality of the stems would slowly go backwards, whatever magic fertilizer you give them. But in treefern fibre giving them the most basic fertilizer, they will produce an A grade stem over and over again.

The picture on the right is of a plant we used in the trial 4 ½ years ago. This plant has not yet been repotted. Okay, you can see that it is an old plant, but it is still healthy and working on spike number 8! Which by the look of it, is going to be another A grade again.

This treefern fibre is absolutely amazing and proofs to be hugely beneficial for our business. Technically and FINANCIALLY.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via our website www.phalaenopsisnurseries.com

Anja & Jacob Wassink