Natural and Sustainable

Fernwood Products (New Zealand) Limited are manufacturers of quality Tree Fern products for the reptile and orchid industries. Using Native Tree Ferns that are only found in New Zealand, our team have developed unique manufacturing processes that produce only the best quality products, and with 25 years experience, we know what we’re talking about.

We are committed to sustainable harvesting and follow the strict harvesting standards and regulations as set by the New Zealand Government.

Most of New Zealand’s Native Forests are found in National Parks which means Tree Ferns in these areas can not be harvested and are protected for future generations. Our raw materials are sourced from renewable resource on privately owned forest land and before any harvesting can commence, we have to satisfy a number of Local Government Regulations. These regulations are designed to protect important areas of our environment including native wildlife and water ways.

Over the past 25 years, Fernwood has developed a robust system that ensures all harvesting is managed sustainably and that the environment is left as it was found – intact and undisturbed. New Zealand is a world leader when it comes to protecting its natural resources and we are proud to offer our products knowing that New Zealand Tree Ferns will be around for our future generations to enjoy. When you buy a Fernwood Product you know it has been created with both you and the environment in mind.

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