Growing Orchids is a Partnership

The Orchid partnership consists of light, temperature, air movement and water without this basic partnership our plants would not survive in the first instance. We then tend to play around with the potting mix and fertilizer we use. I know we all have our favourites, but challenge yourself to change find something that will provide better results. Hence the trials I have become involved with I find are doing just that.

The key focus in this article from A Hobby Growers Perspective is on the genus Miltoniopsis all though the principals expressed could be applied to other genera with equal success.Terms and conditions expressed within this article relate to Southern Hemisphere conditions and as a point of reference where required Orchid Wiz is used as a practical support resource.All products mentioned are available via distribution networks with in the United States of America.

Published with permission 

USA article Growing Orchids is a Partnership - Published with permission