Tree fern panel

Fernwood Products (New Zealand) Limited supplies quality products made from Native New Zealand Tree Fern. Our products have been designed specifically for the Reptile and Orchid industries and with 25 years experience, we're really good at what we do.

New Zealand Tree Fern is well known for being soft and flexible, as well as very strong. It holds moisture well while at the same time staying aerated, and it is stable and long lasting in high humidity. New Zealand Tree Fern is sustainably harvested and is considered a superior material to Tree Ferns found in other countries around the world.

Our key products include Soft Tree Fern Background Panels, Tree Fern Substrate, Orchid Boards, and Totems (Tree Fern Stakes) for climbing plants. These products come in various standard sizes and we are happy to discuss custom cutting to meet your size requirements.

End users already appreciate the qualities of New Zealand Tree Fern and it is a sought after material for terrariums, vivariums and orchid growing. If you are a wholesaler, retailer or grower, you will want Fernwood Products on your shelves. Email for more information.